What is Affiliate Marketing?

The idea behind it is promoting other people’s products, often through an affiliate program, earning a commission when users end up purchasing through your marketing platforms. It’s based on revenue sharing.

Many affiliates are looking to benefit from their website’s traffic and content to make money online and get paid for sales generated through their sites. Genie9 Affiliate Program offers a high commission to their tech affiliates that help sell Genie9 and Zoolz products.

If you own a blog or website and looking for a way to make money from it, take a look at Genie9’s Affiliate Program where you can join for free to monetize your content.


What do you need to become a Genie9 Affiliate?

  • Website, review sites, coupon codes site, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, Youtube channel, forum, Linkedin, email list or any social media account.
  • Sign up for free using the following link: http://www.zoolz.com/affiliates/
  • Get the tracking links and start marketing Genie9 products.
  • Target both home (mother, father, kinds) and business users (business owner, Heads of IT) or anyone interested in keeping their data safe without any effort.


What do Genie9 Sell?

Genie9 offers storage solution for data. We sell both Online and Offline backup solutions:

  • What is Offline Backup?

    Genie9 is our offline backup solution that allows you to have an automatic backup copy of your data on the same machine or on external drives (Offline backup which updates any changes made automatically) by using traditional backup solution or software. No internet connection needed to keep update the first copy of your data, so simply set the backup once and relax that your photos, videos, music and all your valuable data are safe.
  • What is Online Backup?

    Zoolz Archive is our cloud online solution that allows you to simply save your data, photos and videos from being lost by having a copy of them on the Cloud “online” to save space on your server/computer/laptop.