Disaster Recovery backup is only available for account admins.

To set up Disaster Recovery backup, do the following:

    1. Login to your BigMIND account as an administrator user.
    2. Click Manage next to Disaster Recovery on your Dashboard page.
    3. From the left-side menu, click on Devices.
    4. In the top-right corner, click Add.
    5. Select the platform for Workstations or Servers needed.
    6. Follow the setup instructions.
    7. After installation finishes:
      • If you’re logged in to your account on the web, simply click Register machine and will automatically be registered to your account.
      • If you’re not logged in to your account on the web (for the cases of IT admins installing the software on multiple devices), click Show registration info and copy code shown. Then go to your account and follow steps 1 through 4, then select REGISTER under REGISTRATION VIA CODE. Fill the field and click CHECK CODE.
    8. You can now find your machine under the Machines section on the left-side menu.
    9. Select the machine you wish to set up DR backup for.
    10. Click Add plan in the top-right corner.
    11. You can edit the name of the plan, set the schedule for backup, and select what to backup (Entire machine, Disks/Volumes or system state).
    12.  Click Create.
    13. Now you’re prompted to download a bootable ISO image for recovery purposes, do that and keep it somewhere reachable.