Release Notes for Zoolz

Check out the new features our team worked on.


February 21, 2017

Whats_New_Tag_ClientReleased Windows client V.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientAbility to backup mapped drives created with login scripts.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixes.


February 1, 2017

Whats_New_Tag_ClientReleased Windows client V.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixes.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientImproved backup and synchronize performance.


January 24, 2017

Whats_New_Tag_ClientReleased Windows client V.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhanced the backup procedure for compressed files.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientImproved backup and encryption for PST files.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor UI bug fixes.



January 10, 2017

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced file versioning and renaming experience.

Whats_New_Tag_WebImproved Cold Storage restore procedure and restore speed.

Whats_New_Tag_WebIncreased daily Cold Storage restore from web quota to unlimited per user.

Whats_New_Tag_WebMinor bug fixing and stability enhancements.


December 18, 2016

Whats_New_Tag_ClientZoolz Client Build for Windows. Minor bug fixing and performance enhancements.


December 13, 2016


Minor bug fixing.


Enhanced sharing files experience.


November 20, 2016

Whats_New_Tag_ClientZoolz Client Build for Windows (Minor Bug fixing).

Whats_New_Tag_WebGeneral bug fixes.


Enhanced the Sign In/Up structure and security.


November 1, 2016

Whats_New_Tag_ClientZoolz Build number for Windows (Your PST files are much safer than ever).

Whats_New_Tag_ClientZoolz Build number for Mac users (Minor bug fixing).

Whats_New_Tag_WebZoolz Home is now under a new name (Zoolz Archive Home Edition).

Whats_New_Tag_WebGeneral bug fixes.

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhancements on RAW files backup.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerBug fixing and performance improvement.


October 3, 2016 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebGeneral bug fixes.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientImproved backup and restore performance.

whats_new_tag_mobile    New iOS app, now supporting iOS 10.


September 8, 2016

Whats_New_Tag_WebGeneral bug fixes.


Faster performance


Enhance Centralized Database.


Enhanced Remote Restore. (Learn more)


July 13, 2016 – Client Build:


Minor bug fixes.


Started supporting multi-regional signup for Zoolz Home.


General bug fixes.


April 24, 2016 – Client Build:


Memory usage optimization. (using far less memory than before)


Ability to restore files based on their backup date.


Improved backup and restore performance.


General bug fixes.


February 10, 2016 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded new API for Reseller to set Computers limit per Account.


Added a Create Plan API for Reseller.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded the ability to download compressed files.


January 4, 2016 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebGerman language is now supported.


Updated the context menu with more features.


Zoolz users can now play Video and Audio files directly from the web.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerReseller accounts now have the Instant Vault.

December 7, 2015 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebFiles and Folder inside Vaults can now be renamed.


Users can now drag and drop files/folders inside Vaults into other folders to move or copy them.

December 1, 2015 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebNEW! Instant Vault: Drag and Drop from anywhere. (Learn more)

Whats_New_Tag_WebNEW! Cold Vault: Drag and drop directly to cold storage from anywhere. (Learn more)

Whats_New_Tag_WebA new “Shared with me” section has been added to view all the files which are shared with the current account.

Whats_New_Tag_WebNew “My Computers” layout.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded the ability to search all computers at once.

Whats_New_Tag_WebNew sharing options and layout.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded the ability to share with all users under the same account.

Whats_New_Tag_WebUpdated “Manage Sharing” page.

Whats_New_Tag_WebRemote restore feature is now available on Mac versions.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerResellers can now hide the “Sign Up” button on their client’s accounts through the admin page.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientBug Fixing on the Mac version.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientAuto update feature for Mac clients has been added.


Fix minor GUI bug on Windows 10.


October 20, 2015 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAdded download MAC setup for reseller’s clients

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAdded Enable/Disable backup for Network/External drives for reseller’s clients

Whats_New_Tag_ClientFixed Remote Restore issues

Whats_New_Tag_ClientFixed issues regarding server sessions change

Whats_New_Tag_ClientFixed minor bug when switching between policy and manual settings on schedule
Whats_New_Tag_ClientSupport for restoring MAC machines backup on Windows machines


October 14, 2015

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerThe Reseller API has been updated with the functionality to toggle on or off the users ability to backup from external/network drives

September 1, 2015 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing

Whats_New_Tag_WebNew Zoolz site released. Faster, easier and more elegant


June 22, 2015- Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebUpdated compression engine


Enhanced renewals and upgrades

Whats_New_Tag_ClientUpdated compression engine


June 1, 2015

Whats_New_Tag_WebOptimized performance of Users/Servers page


Enhanced Dashboard Loading


Added Mac OS x Environmental variables in the backup policy.


May 19, 2015

Whats_New_Tag_WebNew File retention rules


Cold Storage retention is separated from Instant Storage


Added deleted file retention


Manage Administrator privileges, give specific privileges for each admin


Settings is now separated in its own tab


Added the ability to edit Smart selection extensions, block level extensions, and VSS extensions on the policy level


Added Block level backup frequency in Policy


Zoolz expanded Globally to Australia


April 19, 2015 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebNew Manage Users revamp for easier access


Enhanced labeling experience


View all computers all at once


Added the ability to assign an Administrator in Add Servers


Add more than one pending Server


Drag drop to apply a label to a user


Assign a policy while adding a Server


Easier access to Active Directory Deployment


Added the ability to Show files for Servers


Added the ability to view shared documents on Google Drive


Zoolz expanded Globally to Japan under AOSBOX brand, visit

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAdded the ability to edit registration end date while changing a plan for accounts


Now you can request your rebranded Mac OS x client


Enhanced Zoolz interface on Windows tablet interfaces


Fixed Hybrid+ Storage limit exceeding in special cases


Added Activation Token in Server sign in


April 8, 2015

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAdded 2 new domains for Resellers in the European region


March 22, 2015 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebNew Website for easier navigation

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded new section Zoolz in Action


Enhanced version restore


Updated security procedures


Enhanced Cold Storage restore


Enhanced backup schedule in Server edition


Fixed session issues in Server edition


Fixed Hybrid+ Filtering


Fixed Hybrid+ File retention.


March 2, 2015

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced Cold Storage Restore, more optimized and faster.


February 23, 2015


New: Reseller Partner Program, sell Zoolz with high profit. (Learn more)


Added new GetPlansInfo API.


Reseller Website revamp.


Added the ability to create home plans with instant storage.


The ability to Signup with license key.


Restore optimizations.


February 11, 2015


Accounts insights available in the Dashboard.

Whats_New_Tag_Web is available for the EU region with datacenters in Ireland.


February 2, 2015 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebNew: Zoolz Supports Active Directory Deployment. (Learn more)


Added Deployment Errors in reporting.


Enhanced Multiple add (CSV); now it will process successful users and ignore the users that contain errors.


Added error reporting for Multiple Add (CSV).


Added the ability to specify storage limits on each computer.


Zoolz is now in Polish and Finnish.


Export all user information to CSV.


Enhanced Search users to include emails.

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced Cold Storage web download.


Enhanced payment and renewal process.


Added domain sign in support for Active Directory Deployment users to sign in to Zoolz.


Added the ability to specify Hybrid+ location to restore previous backups.


Enhanced On-the-Fly compression for users with their own encryption password.


Added the ability to specify delay start duration.


Added Polish and Finnish language.


Build deployment setups (msi).


Download deployment setups to aid customers in active directory deployment.


Added Polish and Finnish support in CreateAccountWithLanguage API.


December 20, 2014

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAdded Build Number information on Dashboard.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAdded Build Number Reporting.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerExport Accounts to CSV.

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced Rename Algorithm.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded Search in Manage Users.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerNew Reseller APIs: ResetPassword and GetAccountInfoUsingAccountID.


 December 14, 2014 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAdded the ability to edit number of computers for each account.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerSearch Account is no longer case-sensitive.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientReduced CPU usage in GUI.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.


 November 23, 2014 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebNow Administrators can remotely restore files for users.

Whats_New_Tag_WebRestore remotely to the same computer or different target computers all from a centralized location.

Whats_New_Tag_WebRemotely Restore to Original or Alternate Location.

Whats_New_Tag_WebRename Computers and Servers for better differentiation.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientCold Storage now has Smart Selection.

Whats_New_Tag_WebZoolz is now in French.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded Throttling Start and Stop in the Activity Stream.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientAdded reason for failed to backup files in the pending list.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAdded CreateAccountWithLang API for resellers who would like to automate sign up in different languages.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.


October 22, 2014 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhanced Cold Storage restore, better handling of connectivity issues.

Whats_New_Tag_WebClient Locator Enhancement. Filter by Archived, Active or suspended computers’ last location.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.


September 21, 2014- Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_ClientReduced CPU usage while backing up large files.

Whats_New_Tag_WebSet new Policy privileges, now users can enable/disable the ability to reset password or edit email.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.


September 8, 2014- Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebManually delete old versions from the web.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhanced Cold Storage file version restore.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded New Policy Privileges: Enable/Disable Share.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded New Policy Privileges: Enable/Disable Delete Files.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.


July 9, 2014 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhanced version restore, now you can restore all files in a specific date range.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded WiFi Safelist to the Backup Policy, now to can specify what network the user is uploading to.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientAdded WiFi Safelist to the Client Settings now to can specify what network the user is uploading to.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.


June 18, 2014 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhanced backup engine (faster backups) with on the fly compression.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientNew Block level engine reducing the size of the backup cache.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientPasscode to secure client to open or uninstall from the Policy.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAbility to set custom encryption password with policy.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientPrevent users from uninstalling the client.

Whats_New_Tag_WebPrevent users from deleting and sharing files.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerBecome an Managed Service Provider (MSP) with the ability to Add users, create policies, monitor backups all from your reseller console.


April 29, 2014 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebFixed small case letters support for Mac OSX.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientFixed software requesting for UAC on some computers.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdministrators are now allowed to view user’s files, download and Share files.

Whats_New_Tag_WebRename Sharing Name.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded Date Shared to Manage Sharing.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAdded Report Settings, to edit the backup Alerts.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAdded Email Reporting of Backup Alerts and Statistics.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded Report Settings, to edit the backup Alerts.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded Email Reporting of Backup Alerts and Statistics.


April 20, 2014 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhancements in performance.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientThe ability to enable generation of photo previews from the settings.

Whats_New_Tag_WebThe ability to enable generation of photo previews from the policy.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerUnicode support for branding in the reseller system.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientBug fixes.


March 17, 2014 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebActivity Stream of backups and restores for all users.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAlerts of computers that are running out of space.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAlerts of backups not running for the past 7 days.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerActivity Stream of backups and restores for all users.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAlerts of computers that are running out of space.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAlerts of backups not running for the past 7 days.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientRestore previous versions from the client.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientRestore from a specific date range.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientSpecify what to include in local Hybrid+ storage via filtering.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientBack up deduplicated files to Hybrid+.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientRe-copy all backed up files to local Hybrid location.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerSell Instant Storage to your business users.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerAdded new reseller API to get user’s backup activity.


February 9, 2014 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhancements in open file backup engine.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientAuto Exclude enhancements.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientBug fixes.


January 22, 2014 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhancements in performance.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientRestore enhancements.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientBug fixes.


January 15, 2014 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_ClientImproved performance.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientClient problem solver system.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor Bug fixing.


December 24, 2013 – Just Released

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded Hybrid+ to Zoolz Policy.

Whats_New_Tag_WebThe ability to deploy Hybrid to all users.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientLimit the backup cache size on hard disk.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhanced backup speed.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientImproved performance.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientFaster and lighter client.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor Bug fixing.


October 27, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMove to a new machine with ease with Zoolz.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientAuto resume backup after clean uninstall on same computer.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientArchive old machines with ease.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerNew Reseller System: Sell Zoolz in your own brand.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerSet your own pricing.

Whats_New_Tag_ResellerUnlimited Computers and Servers for each account.


September 11, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhanced Restore for highspeed connections.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhanced backup speed.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientUser experience enhancements to adjust backup speed.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.


September 4, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_ClientNEW! Hybrid+: Double your backup protection by storing a copy of your backup to your local server, network or external drive.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientIntelligently prioritizes restoring files from the local Hybrid storage saving time and bandwidth.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientHybrid+ is Available for Cold Storage and Instant Storage.

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced Restore speed.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.


August 5, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_ClientCold Storage Desktop Restore: Restore From Cold Storage using the desktop client easily; just select your files.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientZoolz now Intelligently waits for your files (3-5 hour storage wait) and restores without any intervention.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientCold Storage Restore Resumes restore after disconnection, system reboot, etc..

Whats_New_Tag_ClientSave thousands of dollars in restoring files from Cold Storage (Leveraging Amazon Glacier).

Whats_New_Tag_WebRemove policies off your users to give them control to customize backup.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientAdd block level backup support to any file type, from the client page.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientChange the Backup Cache to a different drive.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMemory optimization; reducing memory usage to 40%.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.


July 2, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_ClientOpen file backup performance enhancements.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientBandwidth throttling enhancements.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.


June 25, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_WebA new more informative Dashboard.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded Storage Breakdown used between accounts.

Whats_New_Tag_WebServers, computers and users usage.


June 18, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_ClientFaster backups by enabling Mutli-threaded uploads via Advanced Settings.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientThe Ability to disable SSL for faster backups.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientAdded Proxy support.


June 4, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_ClientBack up Performance enhancements.

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced Cold Storage restore.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.


May 20, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhanced Open File backup Support.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientFixed hangs while entering Folder Shortcuts (Junction points).

Whats_New_Tag_WebOptimized web performance.

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced Cold Storage restore.


May 7, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_WebZoolz Business has a revised pricing scheme that makes Zoolz even more affordable for all businesses.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientNow you can set what file extensions open file backup supports and opt to start the service when your computer starts.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientThe settings page now has a new makeover for easier navigation.


April 17, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_ClientAdded support for more financial and eBook file types in Smart selection.

Whats_New_Tag_WebOptimized web performance.


April 10, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_WebDatabase optimization.

Whats_New_Tag_WebFaster performance when uploading files.

Whats_New_Tag_WebThe ability to archive computer from My Computers tab (Home edition).

Whats_New_Tag_ClientOptimized client performance.

Whats_New_Tag_WebOutlook restore from the web.


Feb 11, 2013 – BETA

View Whats_New_Tag_Webthumbnails of your high quality RAW photos taken from your camera (Canon, Nikon, Sony…) for easier access and retrieval off of the web.

Whats_New_Tag_WebDrag-drop or click on the upload icon to upload files and folders to My Computer tab in the web console. You can upload files to any folder and it will not affect your file/folder structure on your computer.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientZoolz iPhone/iPad Apps: Take your files on the go, stream music, videos, view photos, and share files with a tap directly from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Try it today

Whats_New_Tag_WebSelect what to back up to Cold Storage and deploy it to users via policy. You can easily add files and folders and set filtering options. Go to Policy tab to learn more.

Whats_New_Tag_WebOption to disable RAW image previews.

Whats_New_Tag_WebOption to enable upload when connected to the internet on LAN,Wifi, and or 3G.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientOption to disable RAW image previews.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientOption to enable upload when connected to the internet on LAN,Wifi, and or 3G.


Jan 7th, 2013 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_WebZoolz has now enabled the ability to buy only cold storage if your storage needs only requires it. Now the base plan with 100GB can start as low as $4 instead. To learn about the differences between cold storage and instant, click here.

Whats_New_Tag_WebYearly subscriptions purchases come with 2 months free. To purchase a yearly plan, go to the upgrade page and change the billing interval to yearly.


Dec 11, 2012 – BETA

Whats_New_Tag_WebSupport for 3 ways to add users; by email invite, manual add and bulk upload using csv. Making deployment more diverse for your needs.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientYou can add any file to cold storage from the client by a simple drag-drop and Zoolz will do the rest.

Release Notes for Zoolz Intelligent

Check out the new features our team worked on.


March 19, 2017

Whats_New_Tag_WebNew Share function under Discover page. Now users can share a specific version of a file.

Whats_New_Tag_WebImproved uploading files to Vault.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded new services. Now users can sync Zoolz Intelligent with Google Drive, One Drive and Instagram.

Whats_New_Tag_WebImproved navigation and main functions on Discover page.

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced tables design & view on system pages.

Whats_New_Tag_WebUpdated browsing experience on Safari browser.

Whats_New_Tag_WebMinor bug fixes and stability improvements.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersImproved Partners automatic charging service.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersAdded the ability to remove Two Factor Authentication functionality on users accounts page.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersAdded the ability to edit the plan name in the plans page.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersAdded new functions and updated design in the billing section.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersUpdated Home plans prices for Branded Partners, as they are now different from Business plans prices. (Check the Plans section)

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersUsers and Servers are now FREE for Branded Partners.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersBranded Partners now have a free mobile with each account they create.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersMinor bug fixes and system improvements.


February 21, 2017

Whats_New_Tag_ClientReleased Windows client V.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientAbility to backup mapped drives created with login scripts.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixes.

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced renaming and deletion process.

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced table view design.

Whats_New_Tag_WebImproved email reporting options and alerts services.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersImproved email reporting options and alerts services.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersUpdated Home plans for Branded Partners.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersMinor bug fixes.


February 8, 2017

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced system performance and stability.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersReleased branded live demo accounts for Branded Partners.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersReleased Zoolz Intelligent Partners API’s – Check the Settings page.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersEnhanced Partners system performance and stability.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersEnhanced the automated Mac setup build for Branded Partners.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersBranded Partners can now use their own domains easily.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersUpdated Zoolz Intelligent Partners API’s with a new API “GetAutoSigninLink”.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersReleased a branded Home demo account for Branded Partners.


Minor Bug fixes.


February 1, 2017

Whats_New_Tag_ClientReleased Windows client V.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixes.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientImproved backup and synchronize performance.


January 24, 2017

Whats_New_Tag_ClientZoolz Intelligent Build number for Windows.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhanced the backup procedure for compressed files.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientImproved backup and encryption for PST files.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor UI bug fixing.

Whats_New_Tag_PartnersReleased our new Partners system. (


January 15, 2017

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded mobile backup to all Business plans.


Enhanced reporting email settings for users.


Minor bug fixing and enhanced loading performance on the Discover and User Management pages.


Improved the sync procedure for the online services. (Box, Dropbox)


Enhanced the renaming and deletion process for files.


Improved Cold Storage restore procedure.

whats_new_tag_mobile    Released our new Zoolz Intelligent App for IOS V 1.0.

whats_new_tag_mobile    Released our new Zoolz Intelligent App for Android V 1.0.


December 13, 2016


Enhanced syncing stability & speed for online services (Dropbox, Box and Facebook).


General bug fixing.


Enhanced loading speed for the Discover page.


November 20, 2016

Whats_New_Tag_ClientZoolz Intelligent Build number for Windows (Minor bug fixing)

Whats_New_Tag_WebMinor Bug fixing.


Enhanced the experience on mobile view.


November 1, 2016

Whats_New_Tag_ClientZoolz Build number for Windows (Minor enhancements).

Whats_New_Tag_ClientZoolz Build number for Mac users (Minor bug fixing).

Whats_New_Tag_WebNew product Zoolz Intelligent For Home users (Check

Whats_New_Tag_WebGeneral bug fixes.

Whats_New_Tag_WebShareable links now show thumbnails for media files.

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced file browsing experience and file sorting speed.

Whats_New_Tag_WebA.I and image recognition became more efficient and smarter.

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced (Facebook/Box/Dropbox) services synchronization speed and stability.


October 3, 2016 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebGeneral bug fixes.

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded A.I. Tags Photo detection. (Learn more)

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdded Facebook backup. (Photos, videos, Descriptions)

Whats_New_Tag_WebBox backup service has been officially released.


September 8, 2016

Whats_New_Tag_WebA brand new website.

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhanced Sign Up experience.

Whats_New_Tag_WebA guided tour of the system.

Whats_New_Tag_WebA short explainer video on Zoolz Intelligent. (Watch now)

Whats_New_Tag_WebAbility to connect with Box.


Enhanced Dropbox connection.


New Mac Client is now available. Build Number:




August 21, 2016 – Client Build:


New Mac Client is now available.


Added Dropbox backup service.


Added Data Visualization tab.


May 5, 2016 – Client Build:

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhance video streaming (Learn more)

Whats_New_Tag_WebEnhance video transcoding.

Whats_New_Tag_WebFaster discovery abilities (Learn more)

Whats_New_Tag_WebAdd A.I Photo Detection algorithm to the system.

Whats_New_Tag_WebGeneral bug fixing.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhance the memory management.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientEnhance special characters handling.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientMinor bug fixing.

April 18, 2016

Whats_New_Tag_WebInitial public release for Zoolz Intelligent Business site.

Whats_New_Tag_WebInitial public release for Zoolz Intelligent console.

Whats_New_Tag_ClientInitial public release for Zoolz Intelligent client.