Zoolz provides users with the capability to initiate a data restoration request remotely from any machine through the Zoolz web console. This feature streamlines the data recovery process, allowing administrators to restore data without needing physical access to the user’s device.

How to Initiate Remote Restore Request

1. Sign in

2. Select Device

  • Refer to the Users / Servers tab.
  • From the left-side panel, click Computers or Servers. A list of all computers/servers that are backed up under this Zoolz account will be shown.
  • Click the Actions icon for the device that you need to restore files from its backup, then click the Show Files option.

3. Choose Data to Restore

  • Select the data you wish to restore.
  • Right-click on the selected data and choose the Remote Restore option.

4. Configure Restore Options

  • In the Remote Restore Options dialog box, specify the restore location from the available options. The Zoolz desktop application should be installed and updated on the Target Computer.
  • Optionally, enable multi-threaded download, specify the date range for the restore, and decide if the restored files should overwrite the original files.
  • Adjust these settings as needed and click OK.

5. Initiate Restore

  • After approximately 15 minutes, the Zoolz Restore desktop application will open on the selected Target Computer, and the restore process will begin.
Make sure the power settings on the Target Computer are correctly configured to avoid any interruptions. Refrain from logging out of the user profile there, restarting, or shutting down that computer throughout the entire restoration duration.
Restoration from Cold Storage requires 3-12 hours to commence.

By following these steps, administrators can efficiently manage data restoration tasks, ensuring minimal downtime and data loss.