Upon installing the Zoolz desktop client on your machine and entering your Zoolz account’s credentials, Zoolz will check how many active backups you currently have under your Zoolz username, in order to make sure that you do not exceed the allowed limit, which is three (3) active backups for each Zoolz Business user, and one (1) active backup for each Zoolz Home user.

If by configuring a new backup job from this machine you will be exceeding the maximum number of the allowed active backups per user as described above, the Zoolz desktop client will show you this message.


The Zoolz desktop client will see your machine as a new one in the following cases:

Cause #1: This is indeed a new machine. In this case, you should pay attention how many active backups your Zoolz subscription allows you to keep per user.

Cause #2: Zoolz desktop software was installed and running on this machine before, but it has been uninstalled completely (Without keeping the settings) and reinstalled again. In this case, the newly installed Zoolz desktop client will consider this machine as a new one.

Cause #3: Formatting/replacing the hard drive, or reinstalling the OS will make the newly installed Zoolz desktop client consider this machine as a new one.


Whenever you receive this message from the Zoolz desktop client, you may apply one of the following solutions:

  1. Archive an old computer.
  2. Delete an old computer.
  3. Add a new user to your main Zoolz account (If your subscription allows you to do so), and use the credentials of the newly added user to activate the Zoolz desktop client on this machine.