Users can uninstall the Zoolz application from their devices in two ways: a basic uninstall, which preserves the backup database and settings for future reinstallation, or a clean uninstall, which completely removes all components of the application. Opting for a clean uninstall ensures that no residual files remain, allowing for a fresh installation if needed or simply maintaining a clean and efficient system.

Uninstall Zoolz Desktop Application on a Windows Machine

  1. Go to your Control PanelPrograms and FeaturesZoolz2 Uninstall.
  2. Now, the Zoolz Uninstall wizard will start. To perform a clean uninstall, make sure that the option Keep Zoolz Settings (Recommended if you wish to reinstall) is not selected.
  3. Proceed with the uninstallation wizard.

Uninstall Zoolz Desktop Application on a macOS Machine

  1. Click Go on the menu bar → Applications.
  2.  From the list of your installed applications, locate both Zoolz and Zoolz Restore apps and delete them. (Drag them to the Trash)
  3. To perform a clean uninstall, click Go on the menu (top) → Click Go to folder.. → Type ~/.config/ and hit Enter → Genie9 → Delete the whole Zoolz folder from there. (Drag it to the Trash)