The best plan for you will depend on the amount of data you want to backup, number of computers, number of users and number of servers.

Also it depends on the storage type that you need (Cold or Instant Storage); if you have data that you need to share with others and want direct access to it, you will need the Instant Storage, otherwise, if you want to archive your data to get back to it in the future in case you need it, then the Cold Storage is the suitable storage for you.
To check the difference between Zoolz Instant and Cold Storage, please refer to the link below:
You can find the Instant storage options under Instant Storage Plans and Make Your Own Plan tabs in this page:


Plans Details:
  • Terabyte Cloud Storage plan: comes with Terabytes of Cold Storage, Unlimited Users and Servers.
  • Instant Storage Plan: comes with a mix between Instant and Cold Storage with number of users depend on the chosen plan.
  • Make your own plan: this option gives the ability to build your plan in the way that suits you, add Storage/users/servers as much as you need whenever you want.