Having reliable maintenance and support services within a cost effective subscription is never easy to find. As with most all SaaS and IaaS providers, these are additional services purchased separately from your initial subscription.

At Zoolz we promise to provide skilled and dedicated staff ensuring commitment and maximum value to each customer. Our support team and service is consistently praised as one of the best in the business.



Maintenance and premium support services are available to all currently active Zoolz Cloud Backup Lifetime accounts and include:

Upgrades, updates to software, premium support, and continual robust GDPR compliance.

The service is offered as an annual subscription based package to customers, with plans for 1, 2 or 3 years starting at only $17.99 per year.


Reasons why you should have an active Zoolz Maintenance and Premium Support plan:

This plan will help users contribute to continually improving the service they receive, and we’re also bundling premium support (valued at $14) to amplify its value. An active Zoolz maintenance and premium support plan ensures that you will always have the following:

  1. Premium support for technical issues and queries. Premium support incorporates 24/7 technical assistance with same-day response, and remote assistance sessions.
  2. Receive your own dedicated upload channel to avoid any network congestion. You will not be affected by other users’ activity on the network which can sometimes throttle upload speeds.
  3. Continuous Maintenance: Maintenance services are defined to cover the supply and/or application of upgrades and updates to the software being maintained, and continual adherence to robust GDPR compliance.
  4. Backup archiving upon need. (Learn more)
  5. Enable Share option for data under Vault Storage.
  6. Stop the auto-migration for idle data under Vault Storage to Cold Storage, giving you instant access to the data at any time.
  7. An ad-free experience across your Zoolz account and shared links.