File restoration from backup stands as a pivotal element of data management, safeguarding and facilitating the recovery of valuable information.

Through its implementation of incremental backups and the storage of multiple file versions, Zoolz provides users with the capability to restore files to previous states. This functionality proves particularly beneficial in scenarios involving malware compromising file content.

With Zoolz, you can:

  • Restore the latest version of your backed-up files on a computer. (Learn more)
  • Restore an older version of your backed-up files on a computer. This article guides you through the process.
  • Restore Deleted Files on a computer. (Learn more)
  • Restore files on a new computer without initiating a backup on it. (Learn more)

Restoring Old Versions of Files via “Zoolz Restore” Desktop Application

Before starting the restoration process with the Zoolz Restore desktop application, make sure your computer’s power settings are correctly configured to avoid any interruptions. Refrain from logging out of your user profile, restarting, or shutting down your device throughout the entire restoration duration.

Restoration from Cold Storage requires 3-12 hours to commence.
  1. Open the Zoolz desktop software and click on the Restore option.
    If the Zoolz desktop application is not installed on your machine, please refer to this article and follow the steps provided.
  2. From the window that will appear, select the name of the computer that you want to restore from.
  3. Select the file that you want to restore an older version of it, and click on the Show Versions option next to it.
  4. From the versions window, click on the version that you need to restore, then click the Save button.
  5. Select the restore location, the restore options and the time frame that you want to restore from then click on the Next button.
  6. Zoolz will start with the restore process, and you will notice that a red cloud icon appears in the system tray.

Downloading an Old Version of a File from the Zoolz Website

This approach allows you to download one file at a time. To restore an entire folder, please use the Zoolz Restore desktop application as described above.

  1. Sign in to your Zoolz online account.
  2. Refer to the My Computers tab.
  3. From the drop-down menu of your Computers, select the computer that you want to restore from.
  4. Select the files which you want to restore. If you proceed and click on Download you will download the latest version of the file, but if you want to restore older versions, then from the More menu select the option to Show versions.
    or you can just click on the file that you want to show its versions and select Show versions.

    Please note that you can view the versions for only one file each time.

  5. Now, from the window that will appear, click on the version that you want to download.
  • If you can’t see Zoolz option in the context menu when you right click on any file, please enable this option as explained here.
  • The same methods applied if you wish to restore from an archived backup.
  • You can restore older versions of the files whether they are stored to the Hot or Cold storage.
  • Restoring/Downloading from Cold Storage needs 3-12 hours to start.