Restoring your files from Zoolz on a new machine can seem daunting, but with the right steps, the process is straightforward and efficient. Whether you’re setting up a new computer or recovering from a crash, this guide will walk you through each stage, ensuring your data is restored safely and securely.

How to Restore Files from Zoolz on a New Machine without Adding it to the Account

Before starting the restoration process with the Zoolz Restore desktop application, make sure your computer’s power settings are correctly configured to avoid any interruptions. Refrain from logging out of your user profile, restarting, or shutting down your device throughout the entire restoration duration.
Restoration from Cold Storage requires 3-12 hours to commence.
  1. Sign into your Zoolz online account.
  2. From the Dashboard page, click the Download Zoolz button in order to download the setup file of Zoolz on your machine.
  3. Run the downloaded setup file and proceed with installing Zoolz on the target machine.
  4. From the main page, click on the Restore icon at the bottom left corner of the window.
  5. Enter the login credentials of the Zoolz account you want to restore from its data and click Sign In.
  6. Select the computer and then the data you wish to restore and proceed with restoring your data.


During this restoration process, it is vital to maintain uninterrupted operation of your machine—avoid turning it off, logging out of your user profile, or activating sleep mode. Once files are ready and accessible, the download commences automatically. You may minimize or close the Zoolz Restore window without affecting the restoration progress.

Restoring/Downloading from Cold Storage needs 3-12 hours to start.