An incremental cloud backup saves only data and files that have been altered since the previous backup. Its primary objective is to capture any modifications made since the last backup.

Zoolz implements an incremental-forever backup approach, initiating with a full backup and subsequently conducting solely incremental backups without periodic full backups thereafter.

In the incremental backup process, when a file undergoes changes on the local machine where the Zoolz application is actively uploading data, it is uploaded to the cloud anew, generating file versions for potential retrieval to earlier states. (Learn more)

Under the incremental backup method, files deleted locally from the machine remain preserved in the cloud as Deleted Files. (Learn more)


The incremental-forever backup strategy boasts rapid incremental backups, minimal storage space requirements, and reduced strain on network resources.

File Retention

Recognizing that indefinitely storing file versions in the cloud can progressively inflate backup sizes and necessitate the addition of more cloud storage over time, Zoolz offers a solution. Introducing the Retention option, Zoolz empowers the account administrator to determine the number of versions to retain or the duration for which they should be preserved. (Learn more)