Zoolz is an automatic backup tool that backs up your data to the Amazon AWS secure storage servers. Unlike many of the other online or cloud backup solutions out there that backup your data to their private servers.

Zoolz employs advanced technologies to ensure that your backup can be centrally managed and backed up to the Amazon AWS servers. We do not have any access to your data whatsoever, it is encrypted before it leaves your machine and is stored in its encrypted form on  Amazon AWS servers.

Amazon’s Compliance Certificates

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We bear security in mind with every step of the backup and restore procedures, below are the main factors that contribute to the security of Zoolz:


Zoolz uses 256-bit AES military grade encryption to encrypt your data locally and before it leaves your machine to be transferred over an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection to Amazon AWS servers where they are encrypted again with the same 256-bit AES encryption before they reside on the servers.

Password requirements

HIPAA Security rules specify that access to PHI data must meet benchmark-based password creation and use. Your Zoolz passwords must meet length and complexity requirements, and password validation is time- and logic-sensitive and requires manual updates. Further, failed login/data decryption attempts will automatically trigger account lockouts on an IP and user level.

Data encryption is applied whether you setup a password or not, the difference is we apply our own encryption algorithm if you don’t setup a user defined password.

Hybrid+ Offsite backup

Zoolz provides an automated offline/local backup that runs simultaneously with the online backup process to help assist in cases of immediate data recovery, theft, virus attacks, accidental data deletion, and natural disasters, as required by HIPAA.

We also provide a faster restore service by the name of Copy, Encrypt & Ship where your data is restored to a physical harddrive and shipped to the account’s holder upon request, further information can be found here : Copy, Encrypt & Ship.

If you are a part of the Zoolz Reseller program, all of the above applies to your reseller account as well as your client’s accounts.