First of all, to be able to share your data, they should be stored in the Instant Storage (Which is available only for the Business users) or the Instant Vault, not in the Cold Storage. Here is how to do so:

  1.  Sign into your Zoolz online account.
  2. Refer to the My Computers tab.
  3. From the left-hand menu, select the computer which contains the needed files/folders, then browse for the file/folder you wish to share or search for it by typing its name in the Search box.
  4. Check the box next to the file’s name and click the Share icon (Share icon).
  5. A share window will appear and it contains three tabs:
    • Users: Type the name(s) of the user(s) you want to share the data with, and select the type of the access to give the user(s).
    • Link: Contains the link which you can send it via email, chat, or post it on your wall or website.
    • Email: Type the email(s) of the people(s) you want to share the data with.

    You can also click on Add Share Settings in which you can:

    • Set a name for the share.
    • Set a password for the share.
    • Ask for a download notification.
    • Determine when the sharing link will expire.


You can learn more about file sharing with Zoolz by referring to this article.