The Hybrid+ in Zoolz is a feature that enhances data protection and recovery efficiency by creating dual copies of backed-up files. It automatically generates a local copy of each backed-up file onto a local server, external drive, or network drive in addition to storing it in the cloud. This dual backup approach ensures faster recovery times when files need to be restored. Moreover, the Zoolz Restore application is intelligent, as it first checks the local Hybrid+ storage for the file before retrieving it from the cloud, minimizing both recovery time and bandwidth usage.


1. Enhanced Protection: The Hybrid+ feature in Zoolz doubles your backup protection by automatically creating two copies of your files. This redundancy maximizes safeguarding against data loss.

2. Instant Restoration: Experience zero restore time with Hybrid+ as it enables you to swiftly recover files from the local repository instead of relying solely on the cloud. This saves valuable time and conserves bandwidth resources.

3. User-Friendly: Activating Zoolz’s Hybrid+ feature requires no additional configuration. Simply enable the feature and specify the desired storage size, making it convenient and hassle-free to implement. (Learn more)

4. Flexibility: Unlike other backup solutions, Zoolz offers the flexibility to enable or disable the Hybrid+ option at any time, not just at the beginning of the backup process. This adaptability ensures that your backup strategy can be adjusted according to your evolving needs. (Learn more)

5. Size Management: Take control of your storage space with the ability to limit the size of your Hybrid+ backup. When the Hybrid+ backup reaches the specified size limit, Zoolz automatically removes older files from the local repository to make room for more recent ones, optimizing storage efficiency and ensuring continuous backup functionality.

How to Enable Hybrid+ Backup Feature

For more information about how to enable the Hybrid+ option, please check this article.