Backing up virtual machines is crucial for ensuring data integrity and continuity in case of hardware failures, software issues, or cyber-attacks. This guide will walk you through the steps to effectively back up your virtual machines using Zoolz, ensuring that your data is secure and easily recoverable.

How to Back Up a Virtual Machine with Zoolz

The best way to back up a virtual machine (VM) is by installing the Zoolz desktop software inside the VM and configuring it as you would with a physical machine. This method treats the virtual machine as a separate entity, ensuring that all data within it is backed up securely.

Also, you can utilize the snapshot functionality within your virtual machine’s software. For example, if you are using VMWare Workstation or Fusion, you can create scheduled snapshots that capture the entire state of the VM at specific intervals. These snapshots can be crucial for quick recovery in case of system failure. Once done, use the Zoolz application installed on the hosting physical machine to back up the snapshots created. This adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that even the snapshot states of your virtual machines are preserved.

Benefits of Using Zoolz for VM Backups

– Automated and Scheduled Backups:

Zoolz allows you to set automated backup schedules, ensuring that your virtual machines are backed up regularly without manual intervention.

– Flexible Storage Options:

Choose between Hot Storage for frequently accessed backups and Cold Storage for long-term, cost-effective archival.

– Comprehensive Protection:

By treating your virtual machines as physical entities, Zoolz ensures that all data within the VM is backed up comprehensively.