While Zoolz conducts automatic backups through its desktop and mobile applications installed on computers, servers, and smartphones, it also offers a Cloud Drive folder. This feature enables users to manually upload selected files and folders to the Cloud from any machine, regardless of whether the Zoolz application is installed on it or not.

How to Use the Cloud Drive Folder

  1. Sign into your Zoolz online account.
  2. Refer to the My Computers tab.
  3. Select the Vault option from the left side panel. If you do not have Vault added to your account yet, you’ll need to add/enable it to proceed.
  4. Drag-drop files/folders from anywhere into the root of this Vault folder, or create a new folder there, and drag-drop the data into it.

The drag-and-drop feature’s availability varies depending on your Internet browser.

When using Internet Explorer, you will not be able to directly drag and drop files or folders into the Cloud Drive folder.

For Firefox or Safari users, dragging and dropping folders directly into the Cloud Drive folder is not supported. Only individual files can be dragged and dropped.

However, with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, you can drag and drop both files and folders directly into the Cloud Drive folder.