Zoolz has introduced a De-Duplication feature. This feature will work between your machine(s) and the Zoolz/BigMIND servers in order to locate the duplicate files.

So, when:

  • You move your files to a new machine.
  • Reinstall Windows on your machine.
  • Backup the same file from two machine or more.
  • Backup the same file that is stored in two locations or more.
  • When you start a complete new backup on your current machine, and configure Zoolz/BigMIND to back up the same files.
  • When you want to move the same data from an old drive to a new one.

Zoolz/BigMIND will be able to see that you have previously backed up the same files. According to this, Zoolz/BigMIND will scan the files again, but will not actually upload any of them from your side, saving your bandwidth.

Our De-Duplication aims to save the Internet bandwidth usage of the users by not allowing the Zoolz/BigMIND desktop application to actually upload the all duplicated files. The Zoolz/BigMIND desktop software will recognize if one file is duplicated under more than one directory. So, it will upload only one of those files, then send a request to the Server side to copy it to all the other directories so you can find and restore them from any location you prefer.

De-Duplication is disabled for the files you’ve backed up using the Block Level technology