Branding allows you to add your own logo and product name to your cloud solution.

To re-brand Zoolz Archive

  1. Sign in to the reseller system.
  2. On the left-hand pane, click on Branding.brand 1
  3. Under Company, fill in the following information:
    1. Product Name: Your brand name.
    2. Application exe Name: The name of the setup file for your cloud software.
    3. Website: Your product homepage (optional); the default page direct users to the product Sign in page.
    4. Support Email: Technical support contact page or email.brand 2
  4. Under Subdomain, specify where your users will be redirected to access the online console.  By default the subdomain will be your company name.brand 3
  5. Under Email, specify the Sender Name and Email that will be displayed when sending automated emails from the system such as the register confirmation or forget password.brand 4
  6. Under Website, upload the following artwork
    1. Website Logo: A transparent PNG logo that will display in the upper left corner of your online console
    2. Favicon: Your website icon, tab icon, or bookmark icon provided in .icobrand 5According to the selections above, here is how the web page will appear:

      brand 6

  7. Under Software upload the following artwork
    1. Logo: A transparent PNG logo that will display in the software, it should be consistent to the website logo.
    2. Software Icon: Your software icon provided in .ico format.
    3. Tray icon: The icon shown in the system tray of Windows. Preferred to be consistent with your software icon.brand 7According to these settings, here is how the software client will look like:

      brand 8

      brand 9

  8. In the Links section, you can redirect the following links to your customized webpages or keep the default webpages:

    1. Website: Your product homepage.
    2. Contact Sales: Contact Sales contact form.
    3. Contact Support: Contact Sales contact form.
    4. Online Help: Help documentation for the product.
    5. Upgrade: Buy now page for your product.
    6. Create account: By default, it will be your contact us page, unless you create your own account in which you can take advantage of the create account API.brand 10
  9. Digital Signature section enables you to upload your own digital signature to sign the software setup with or keep the default Web-Backup digital signature.Brand 11
  10. To save changes, click on Save and Rebuild SetupBrand 12
  11. To download the branded software, click on Download Setup

These features are all available for the full-branded reseller plan. To learn more about the differences between branding options, click here