You might get this error if you have purchased the full branding or co-branding in your reseller system and trying to build your own setup because of the size or the type of the files that you are using for the icons in the software and on the web.
So to solve the problem,  check the type of the icons and the images that you are using as they should be as follows:

– Web logo: PNG with the dimensions of (60px * 25px)

– Favicon: Windows .ico file with the dimensions of (16px X 16px)

– Software icon: Windows .ico file with the dimensions of (32px x 32px min). The preferred dimensions: (16 x 16px) to (256 x 256px)

– Software logo: PNG with the dimensions of  (200 px * 60 px)

– Software tray icon: Windows ico with the dimensions of: (16px * 16px)

Make sure that you are using the exact types and dimensions mentioned above and do not use any image and just change its type to the types mentioned above.