Efficiently managing temporary file storage during backup processes is crucial for maintaining optimal system performance and avoiding unnecessary disk space consumption. Zoolz utilizes specific locations on your machine to store these temporary files. Understanding where these files are stored and how to manage their location can help users ensure their system runs smoothly during backup operations.

Zoolz’s Default Caching Location

When backing up data on a Windows machine using Zoolz desktop application, temporary files are stored in the BackupCache folder by default. This folder is typically located at:

AppData is a hidden folder.

How to Change Zoolz’s Cache Drive

  1.  Right-click the Zoolz agent (Icon) in the system tray (Taskbar) → Select the Open Dashboard option.
  2. From SettingsPreferences → Refer to the General tab → Click on Change Cache Drive button.
  3. Select the drive that you want Zoolz to save the backup cache to it and then save the changes.

Zoolz will automatically transfer the files from the old caching location to the new one, creating a hidden folder named _ZoolzCache in the selected drive.

By managing the storage location of temporary backup files, users can optimize their system’s performance and prevent the primary drive from filling up, ensuring a smoother and more efficient backup process.