Vaults allow you to easily upload files and folders directly to your Zoolz account from anywhere on your machine by simply dragging and dropping them. Additionally, you can copy any of your backed-up files and folders to Vaults for sharing purposes.

Types of Vaults in Zoolz

  1. Instant Vault
  2. Cold Vault

Zoolz Vaults Classification

  1. Zoolz Business Users:
    Zoolz Business users can have both types of Vaults (Instant/Cold) added to their Zoolz account.
  2. Zoolz Home Users:
    Zoolz Home users can only have Instant Vaults added to their Zoolz account.

Adding/Enabling Vaults to Zoolz account

For more information about how to Add/Enable Vaults, please refer to this article.