The Smart Selection in Zoolz contains various built-in plugins that can be used to back up some of the most important items on computers. (Learn more)

How to Change Supported File Types for Smart Selection

Method 1: Using Zoolz Desktop Application

  1.  Right-click on the Zoolz agent (icon) in the system tray (Taskbar) → Select Open Dashboard.
  2. Click on Data Selection.
  3. Refer to the Smart Selections tab.
  4. You can change the file extensions that are backed up under the Office, Financial Files, E-Books and PDFs categories by clicking on the Edit icon () that will appear when you hover over any of these categories → Add new extensions or delete what you do not want Zoolz Archive to backup. You can edit any other data group extensions by selecting it from the drop-down menu at the top of the Edit Extensions window.
  5. Click the Save icon.


Method 2: From the BigMIND Website

This approach is exclusively accessible within the Business edition of Zoolz.
  1.  Sign into your Zoolz online account.
  2. Refer to the Policies tab.
  3. Create a new policy or select to edit an existing one.
  4. Refer to the Extensions tab of the policy → Under the Smart Selections Extensions section f the page, you can edit the extensions for the Office, Financial Files, E-Books and PDFs categories. Just select the category of the extension you want to edit → Add the new extensions separated with semicolons, or delete the unwanted one(s).
  5. Click on Save to save the changes.