Policies are exclusively accessible within the Business edition of Zoolz.

Policy Definition

Zoolz policies provide a centralized means for account administrators to manage all backup operations for users within the account via the Zoolz website. This approach prevents users from directly controlling backup settings through the Zoolz desktop application installed on their computers and servers.

Policy Advantages

1. Centralized Management: Zoolz policies offer a centralized platform for account administrators to oversee all backup operations for users within the account. This centralized approach streamlines management tasks, ensuring efficient and consistent backup configurations across all users.

2. Controlled Access: By preventing users from directly controlling backup settings through the Zoolz desktop application installed on their devices, administrators can maintain greater control over data backup procedures. This reduces the likelihood of inadvertent modifications to backup configurations by individual users.

3. Simplified Assignment: The process of assigning policies to specific users is straightforward, requiring only a few steps within the Zoolz online account interface. This simplicity enhances administrative efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors during policy assignment.

4. Automated Backup Activation: With policies in place, the Zoolz desktop software can automatically initiate backups according to predefined settings. This automation ensures that backups occur promptly and consistently, without relying on manual intervention from users.

5. Flexibility for New Installations: For users without the Zoolz desktop software installed on their devices, policy implementation facilitates seamless onboarding. Administrators can simply instruct users to install the Zoolz application and enter their login credentials, allowing for quick integration into the centralized backup system.

How to Delete a Policy

Policies currently in use cannot be deleted. For instructions on unassigning a policy, please click here.
  1. Sign into your Zoolz online account.
  2. Refer to the Policies tab.
  3. Click on the Delete icon (Delete icon) next to the policy that you wish to delete.
  4. A confirmation Delete Policy box will be shown. Confirm by clicking OK.


Policies that are being used and assigned to users cannot be deleted, you need to assign the users to another policy or remove this policy completely from the user and revert the user account to its User Defined status.