To solve this issue, you need to do the following:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest build of Zoolz by right click Zoolz agent in the system tray → Select Tools → Click on Check for updates.
  2. Clear the backup cache:
      1. Find the location of Zoolz cache folder as mentioned here.
      2. If the backup cache folder is still in its default location (on the C: drive), then open this folder and delete the contents of the folder BackupCache folder.
      3. If you have moved the cache folder to another drive, then go to that drive → _ZoolzCache → Open the folder that you will find inside it (This folder carries your username) → Clear the contents of the BackupCache folder.
      4. Exit Zoolz. (Right-click Zoolz agent in the system tray → Exit)
      5. Start Zoolz. (From Start menu → All Programs → Zoolz → Zoolz)