BigMIND Home is a quintessential app to backup and access all your photos, videos, music, and personal documents.

When you sign up to BigMIND Home, you automatically get 1 GB of free cloud storage. If you require more space, you can purchase additional storage.

With BigMIND Home you can:

  • Protect all your mobile and tablet devices.
  • Effortlessly restore data between Android and iOS (vice versa).
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to discover and organize photos by faces and things.
  • Backup your PC, Mac or external drives with ease
  • Connect all your cloud services to protect and access all your photos and videos instantly.
  • Share any file, no matter the size, easily and securely.


Storage Plans:

Currently, we have 3 paid plans (100GB, 500GB and 1TB). The comparison table below will illustrate what’s included, and how you can benefit.

Free 1 GB
100 GB
500 GB
1 TB
2 Mobile devices (1)3 Mobile devices(1)6 Mobile devices(1)UNLIMITED mobile devices
1 User / 3 Computers1 Users / 3 Computers 3 Users / 9 Computers 5 Users / UNLIMITED Computers
Remove AdsRemove AdsRemove AdsRemove Ads
SD Media StreamingSD Media StreamingSD Media StreamingHD Media Streaming
Protecting 280 Videos or 1750 Photos (2)Protecting 4000 Videos or 25,000 Photos (2)Protecting 20,000 Videos or 125,000 Photos (2)Protecting 40,000 Videos or 250,000 Photos (2)

(1): Can be connected and protected at the same time, you can always archive any old device and keep everything safe.

(2): Numbers are estimated based on average users photo size.