Licenses are ideal for those who want to easily sell our product to their client base. When a license is created, it generates a unique number that customers can redeem. Currently, they are valid for a year and are fixed.

Plans, however, are more configurable. You can set yearly or monthly plans. As a partner, you’re limited to our pre-defined packages, but as a Branded Partner, you have the flexibility to set your own pricing, customize packages, as well as control the plans with a set of APIs.

Unlike a licence, which must be created for each individual user, Branded Partners can assign one plan to thousands of users.

The table below will give you a better understand of the difference between the two models.

Creating plans is available only for BigMIND Partners and White Labeled PartnersCreating licences is available for the Resellers, Partners and White Labeled Partners.
Payment is due when the plan is assigned to a user. If the plan is not assigned yet, no funds will be deducted from the credit.Payment is due upfront (Once the licence is created), regardless it has been used or not yet.
Payment can be monthly or yearly. The Partner is the one who specifies this when creating the plan.Payment is only yearly.