The Zoolz markers on your files and folders indicate what files/folders are protected on Zoolz.

FolderCloudmeans: Some or all contents of this folder are added to Zoolz.

Backedmeans: Latest file version is on Zoolz.


Pendingmeans: File has been modified since last run.

NotBackedupmeans: File is not yet on Zoolz.

Excludedmeans: Folder removed from Zoolz.

FolderColdmeans: Folder backed up by Cold Storage.


You can enable/disable the backup marker as follow:


For the users who do have policy assigned to them and the Home users:

  1.  Right click Zoolz agent in the system tray and select Open Dashboard.
    Open Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings → Advanced Settings → Check/uncheck the box next to the Show backup markers on backed up files option and Save your changes.Backup Markers 2


 For the users who have policy assigned to them:

  1. Sign into your Zoolz online account.
  2. Go to the Polices tab.
  3. Click the Edit icon for the policy that is assigned to the user.
  4. From the Settings tab, check/uncheck the box next to the Enable Zoolz Markers option and Save your changes.Backup Markers


Polices are only available in the Business edition of Zoolz.