To back up a Windows Server using BigMIND, please click here.

1. Sign in to your BigMIND online account.

If you do not have an account yet, you may sign up for a free trial now.

2. The Welcome to BigMIND dialog will be opened. Utilize it to download the BigMIND setup file onto your machine based on your operating system, whether it is Windows or macOS.


You can skip this step and use the following direct download links to download the setup file of BigMIND:

For Windows:
For macOS:

3. Run/execute the downloaded setup file by double-clicking on it, and then follow the on-screen instructions provided in the installation wizard to install the BigMIND application on your machine.

4. After the installation of the BigMIND desktop application, the Sign In window will appear. Utilize this window to log in to your BigMIND account and activate the application.

5. Select the data that you want to back up and click the Next button when done. You will have three tabs to select from:

  • Smart Selection: Contains various built-in plugins that you can use to back up some of the most important items on your computer.Smart selections
  • My Computer: Allows you to back up files and folders from any location using an easy-to-use Explorer-like interface.
    My Computer
  • Cold Storage: This tab will be available only if your BigMIND plan contains Cold Storage.

6. Select the files you want to back up using OCR and click the Next button when done.

7. Specify the backup settings:

  • Run on Schedule: Set how often you would like BigMIND to back up your files.
  • Bandwidth Throttling: Enable this option to limit the amount of bandwidth you want BigMIND to use. This option will NOT give the full speed potential of BigMIND, but you can enable it if you would like to upload files or use your upload bandwidth with other Tools/Programs.
  • Hybrid+: BigMIND’s Hybrid+ doubles your backup protection by creating a copy of every backed-up file to a local server, external or network drive; ensuring faster recovery when needed.


If there is a policy assigned to the users that are installing BigMIND, then once you install the setup file and sign into the user’s account, the backup will start automatically without the need to configure it manually.