Q. Are shared files encrypted? If so, do I have to send my encryption password?

A. Yes, they are encrypted and you do not need to send a password.


Q. Can I share files and folders with people whether they have a Zoolz account or not?

A. The person does not need to have a Zoolz account to open the share; therefore, you can send it to whomever you want. The shared files, photos, and folders are links you can share them via email, chat, tweet or even post on your Facebook profile. The link will open a webpage to view or download the contents.


Q. Does sharing make my file public for anyone to access?

A. It depends on where you post the shared link. If you post it on a website, then anyone who has access to the site can see the file. However, if you send it to a person and the person does not expose it, it is as private as an email.

You can set the options in Add Sharing Settings to only allow one download to prevent multiple accesses to the file and send yourself delivery notifications when sharing the file.


Q. What is Zoolz’s copyright policy for sharing?

A. Mainly you should only share files you have created or have permission to distribute. Purchasing music or videos doesn’t give you the right to share with others for example. For more information, please visit our DMCA page.


Q. What is the maximum file size that I can share?

A. You can share any file no matter how large as long as you have enough space in your account to store it.