Yes, you can. But this is optional. Here are the methods you can use:


Method 1: Using PIN-Code Device Encryption

You can supply a storage device that uses hardware-based device encryption with a physical PIN pad for all import. If you do so, you must provide the PIN Code in your import job.


Method 2: Using TrueCrypt Encryption for Import to Zoolz

TrueCrypt is an open-source disk encryption application. TrueCrypt is the only device encryption software supported by Zoolz Import.
If you have not installed TrueCrypt 7.1a, you will need to install it first.

The developer no longer supports TrueCrypt 7.1a. However, you can still download TrueCrypt 7.1a and use the application without charge to decrypt your device.

To ensure that we can decrypt your device, choose the following options when creating a TrueCrypt volume:

  • Create a new TrueCrypt volume. Zoolz Import supports only TrueCrypt volumes created as non-system partitions or encrypted file containers.
    Do not use the Encrypt the system partition or the entire system drive option.
  • Select either the Create an encrypted file container option or the Encrypt a non-system partition/drive option.
  • For Volume Type, select Standard TrueCrypt volume. Do not create a hidden volume.
  • If you are creating an encrypted file container, for Volume Location, create a file in your device’s home directory and name the file <JOBID>.tc, where <JOBID> is the job ID associated with the device. For example,
  • If you are encrypting a non-system partition, for Volume Location, select the partition to be encrypted. For Volume Creation Mode, if your volume already contains files, select Encrypt partition in place. TrueCrypt will not format the partition or erase any files. Encrypt partition in place takes longer than encrypting an empty volume. If the partition is empty, select Create encrypted volume and format it.
  • For using PIN-Code Device Encryption, use AES for the Encryption Algorithm and RIPEMD-160 for the Hash Algorithm.
  • Create a password for your TrueCrypt volume. You will include this password in the import job .Without this password, we won’t be able to access any data on the encrypted partition. Keep the following in mind when creating your password:
    • Don’t include commas in your password.
    • Don’t lose your password, or you will not be able to decrypt your device.
  • If you are prompted to select a volume format, select NTFS.

After you create your TrueCrypt volume, use TrueCrypt to mount the volume and then copy your files into the volume. Your device must contain only one partition or container and no other files. If you use a file container, the container must be named <JOBID>.tc, using the job ID associated with the device.