As a BigMIND Partner (Branded or not), you could have direct User Account Management from the Accounts section of your Partner portal.

The system ONLY supports plan “UPGRADES”. Meaning, you cannot change a plan assigned to an existing account to a downgraded plan (A Plan with fewer features than the already assigned one).

To upgrade a plan, first you need to make sure that the new (Upgraded) plan is already available and created within the Plans section of your Partner portal.  This article shows you how to do so.

The new plan needs to at least have all the same initial plan features with at least one feature upgraded or higher than what the initial assigned plan had. If you get a message stating that “You have NO plans to upgrade to or change plan to” that means you did not create the new plan correctly – making sure all old items are there including at least one plan feature higher, and this includes the frequency of the plan.

Once the new plan is ready, here is how to upgrade an account to it:

  1. Sign into the Partner system.
  2. On the left-hand pane, click on Accounts. A list of all your added accounts will be shown.
  3. Click the Actions button of the account you want to upgrade its plan → Change Plan.
  4. A Change Plan pop-up box will be shown. Select the new plan to upgrade to it → Submit.